An opera based on the works of the Yukaghir writer will be presented in Yakutsk


The opera, based on the works of Yukaghir writer Nikolai Kurilov, will be presented in 2017, said Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of Yakutia Vladimir Tikhonov at a meeting of the V Congress of the Yukaghir people.

“At present, there is getting ready the opera based on libretto by Nikolai Kurilov “Black cloudberry”. A young talented composer Nikolai Mikheyev composes the music. We hope that this work will be included in the repertoire of the Opera and Ballet Theatre in the next year,” – said Vladimir Tikhonov.

Nikolai Kurilov (Okat Bay) is Yukagir artist and writer. He composed the Yukaghir ABC-book together with his brother – writer Gavril Kurilov. He is the author of the poem “Homeland”, known for the film “Brat-2” (published in Russian translation by Mikhail Yasnov in 1987).



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