Yakut film “Mummuttar (Lost)” will be presented in Moscow


Permanent Mission of Yakutia in Moscow begins to show the best films and documentaries of Yakut cinema in the framework of the Year of Cinema in Russia. March 31, viewers will see the Russian version of the film “Mummutar  (Lost)”.

The basis of the script, written by director Alexey Ambrosyev, taken by an incident that occurred in the summer of 2002 in Verkhoyansky District, when two guys went fishing and did not return home. It was the beginning of winter, the situation was exacerbated by harsh conditions of Verkhoyanye: everywhere were impassable mountains, taiga, wild animals, mountain rivers … It would seem that the guys did not have a chance to survive, but … 54 days later, they came to Yakutsk. It is almost impossible to believe, but those guys are grown men now, they live among us and remember the story, changing their lifes.

Actors: Danil Osipov, Ilya Portnyagin, Galina Tikhonova, Fedot Lvov, Dmitry Baishev, Elizaveta Potapova, Zoya Bagynanova, Anatoly Kirillin, Evgeniy Pivovarov, Petr Sadovnikov. Director – Alexey Ambrosyev.

The film will be shown at 18.00 in the Olonkho hall of Permanent Mission to the address: Moscow, Myasnitsky Passage, 3, admission is free.




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