At the foot of the Kisilyakh Mountains was lit the flame of the Games “Children of Asia”

Эстафета огня Международных спортивных игр «Дети Азии» .Факел торжественно зажигли в Верхоянском улусе республики горе Кисилях.на священной . Эстафета стартует за 100 дней до начала Игр. В 2016 году старт эстафеты будет дан 29 марта. Первая Эстафета состоялась в 1996 году. эстафеты планируется 29 марта 2016 года, на священной горе Верхоянского района – горы «Кисилях» был зажжен первый факел и через сто дней прибудет к своей финишной черте – 6 июля, жители и гости столицы на стадионе «Туймаада» встретят огонь Игр.

In the Verkhoyansky District of Yakutia, at the foot of Kisilyakh Mountains on March 29 was started the Torch Relay of the VI International Sports Games “Children of Asia”.

“Everything went well, the weather was kind to us and did not interfere with a lighting the Torch. We have started the Torch Relay in the village Elgetsk. The Torch has been handed to Dmitry Gorokhov, it was his fourth time running with the flame of Games “Children of Asia”, – commented Deputy Sports Minister of Yakutia Georgy Balakshin.

The fire was lit for a hundred days before the Games “Children of Asia”. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic Alexander Solovyov, Minister of Sports Mikhail Gulyaev, Olympic champion Pavel Pinigin, Olympic bronze medalist Georgy Balakshin, silver medalist at the Paralympic Games Vladimir Balynets and others.

From Verkhoyansky District the flame will go to Eveno-Bytanayskiy District.

The Torch Relay events will be attended by more than 450 thousand people, the Torch will carry 1740 runners. In total, the Relay will cover 194 settlements of the republic. The length of the route will be more than 35 thousand kilometers.



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