Andrey Borisov about Ysyakh Olonkho-2016: The preparation level in Verkhoyansk is good


In the Batagai village of Verkhoyansky District was held a rehearsal of opening and closing ceremonies of Ysyakh Olonkho 2016. Members of the directing and production crew were satisfied with the preparation level ofresidents.

“The hosts of the holiday have to demonstrate the guests the originality of Verkhoyanye traditions and culture. Therefore there is no need to sew identical costumes specially for Ysyakh. In general the level of preparation is good at the moment. There is feeling of positive attitude and confidence of organizers and participants of Ysyakh “- said the adviser to the Head of the republic, artistic director of Ysyakh Olonkho Andrey Borisov.

Currently Verkhoyanye lives by upcoming holiday. There are organized master classes in sewing national costumes, are hosted exhibitions and round tables devoted to preparation. People realize that they need to adequately represent the home district to the entire republic in two months.

The chief director of the Sakha Theater Ruslan Tarahovsky and responsible for the choreography Irina Nikitina and Lyubov Avvakumova attended the rehearsal, which brought together 16 teams from 9 villages and settlements.master-klassy-po-shityu-Copy



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