NEFU Medical Institute will have a new laboratory building


In Yakutsk in 2017 it is planned to build academic laboratory building of the North-Eastern Federal University named after M. K. Ammosov. 

“Today, there are 6.5 hectares in the 68 Block for the construction, where it will be located academic laboratory building, dormitories and houses for teachers,” – said Evgenia Mikhailova, the rector of University, the deputy of the State Assembly (Il Tumen), the member of the parliamentary faction “United Russia”.

Construction will be carried out on the federal budget. It is planned to conduct design and survey works and to start construction of the first facility – academic laboratory building by 2017.

“In addition, we want to build another preventative clinic for our students. Plus, with our partners in South Korea, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the University of Cambridge, we have also planned to create a rehabilitation center for patients with vascular disease,”- said the rector.

Today at NEFU operates a medical clinic with eight newest laboratories, equipped with the unique equipment from Japan and Switzerland. The main contingent – students and university staff. In addition, the clinic provides medical services, including high-tech, to the population.

The opening of a new academic laboratory facility will expand the list of medical specialties, improve the quality of training of doctors.



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