Yakut rescuers found lost in the forest 72-year-old fan of Nordic Walking


On Tuesday, April 18 at 12.30 at the remote of duty officer of Yakutia Rescue Service was reported that in the Kangalassy village had disappeared an old man.

According to representative of Rescue Service Nikolay Fateev, the operational search group with canine calculation under the leadership of the deputy head of search and rescue works Gennady Alexeev arrived to the place of occurrence.

“At the place was revealed that the old man is interested in Nordic walking, despite of the hard of hearing and his insulin-dependent,” – said Fateev.

Rescuers began combing the forest near the village. As the searches had not led to a positive result, additional forces of rescuers arrived to the place of occurrence from Yakutsk.

“Bearing in mind the state of health of an elderly person, the bill went to the minutes, later, rescuers found a trail in the woods and began to pursue,” – said the representative of the Rescue Service.

Approximately six kilometers from the village, in the locality “Mokhsogollokh” at 19.30 the missing was found. His health condition caused serious concern among rescuers, so the first aid was provided to the injured on the place.

The old man was brought to Kangalassy village, where he was examined by a doctor. It is decided the question of admission to hospital. Gennady Alekseev noted the good coordinated work of rescuers, let them save the man.

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