Yegor Borisov: By 2022, the standard of living of Yakutians has to grow


On the 100th anniversary of Yakutia, which will be celebrated in 2022, the standard of living have to grow significantly. First of all there are talking about transport accessibility, creation of conditions for education, increasing the volume of local production. 

“By 2022, we set the task: the republic’s population is expected to reach one million people. These and other objectives are identified in the existing programs, strategic documents, which identifies the specific event. I want we all to this time could ride on a paved road to the Aldan on weekend, or, by train travel to Neryungri. We must make sure that people can drive cars to Ust-Maya or Kobyaya all year round. And such conditions we create today,” – Yegor Borisov said.

In addition, the task is to make all pupils study in one shift, and the rest of the time devote to self-development, receive additional education. By 2022, it should be completely eliminated the queue in all kindergartens.

It is also important the problem of increasing the volume of production of local agricultural products, not only for the domestic market but also for export.

“And I’m not talking about the social infrastructure of the objects that we have to build,” – said Borisov.



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