Alexander Tarasov: It’s too early to say how the airline merger will influence over residential tariffs


As a result of the merger of the airlines «Yakutia» and «Polar airlines» into the single holding company a stability of air travels will be preserved. It’s too early to say whether the merger lead to the cut in prices for the flights. Alexander Tarasov, the Chief Manager of «Polar airlines», stated it in the socio-political programme «Vokrug da okolo».

Journalists asked Alexander Tarasov what benefits would the population get due to the creation of the airline holding company and whether the merger would lead to the cut in prices for the flights.

«I will pose a question a little bit differently. If there is no «Yakutia», no «Polar airlines», where should the population go and tell that he can’t fly anywhere? To the government? To «Aeroflot»? We unite for to retain our presence in the domestic market and to have our own aircraft. Khabarovsky region, Amur region, Magadan region, Transbaikal are our neighbors and they don’t have their own aircraft. They have to reach out to external airlines; the governors personally involved in these issues. And we have it; we have saved our airports. The stability of air travels is preserved for the population, but it’s too early to say about the tariffs. It depends not only on the airlines», – said Alexander Tarasov.

The decision to create a single airline on the basis of airline companies «Yakutia» and «Polar airlines» was made by Egor Borisov earlier. The Head of the Republic announced this decision in a live television call-in show on the 27th of April. «We will combine efforts of the companies for their stability and steadiness», – highlighted Egor Borisov.

According to him, the legal bodies won’t be winded up during the merger; the single holding company with total assets will be created.



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