Flooding of houses in the village of Chagda: 76 people were evacuated


More than a dozen of farmsteads and several houses were flooded in the village of Chagda in Kobyaiskyi District, according to the social correspondent of the YSIA.

At these days an active snow melting and an abundant rainfall in Kobyaiskyi District have led to the sharp increase in water levels of the small rivers.

As of the 2nd of May, 15 farmsteads and 11 houses turned out to be in the flooded area. 44 residents were evacuated, including 20 children.

Another 36 people, including 13 children, were evacuated from 9 houses, where the water was at the floor level. All the flood victims were resettled to relatives and friends.

In addition, 38 head of cattle and seven horses were transported to the places located higher.



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