Salary for kindergarten’s stuff of a village of Sebyan-Kyuel sank in a lake


About half a million roubles, intended for the stuff of the kindergarten, sank along with the car of the businessman, who transported the money to the village of Sebyan-Kyuel from Yakutsk.

On the 27th of April he moved from the capital of the republic to his native village, but in 15 km from the village his car «Ural» fell under the ice, when he was crossing the lake.

«The businessman transported flour, sugar, spare parts and other goods, which were needed by the people of the village. In addition, Maria Tastygina, the kindergarten’s account, asked him to carry the money (advance payment), which the kindergarten’s stuff had to receive», – told Varvara Gulyaeva, the deputy head of the agricultural community.

 Fortunately, nobody was injured. The officers of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Yakutia will work in the lake tomorrow.

«Unfortunately, there was the advance payment for the kindergarten’s stuff in the car (about 500 thousand roubles). We hope the goods and the money would get out of the water. Maybe then we would get the money. Anyway, the most important for us is that nobody was injured. We understand that anything can happen on the road. Currently, 50 children go to the kindergarten and 17 people work here», – said Anna Keimentinova, the kindergarten’s head.



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