Village schools will receive more than 27 million roubles from the federal budget


The village schools will receive more than 27 million roubles for creating conditions to give classes of physical education and sport by the decision of the Federal Government. The funds are appropriated to repair and to equip sports halls, to develop local sports clubs and to construct playgrounds.

«We give such support according to the decisions, initiated by the United Russia Party. As a result, the number of children who are engaged in sports activities has increased significantly. The condition of the sports facilities was by no means disastrous. However, there is much space to construct new sports facilities, objects and playgrounds», – mentioned Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia.

In total the regions of the country will receive more than 1.6 billion roubles and out of this sum 27 millions and 627 thousands will go to Yakutia.

The subsidies are paid according to the government program «The development of the education» from 2013 to 2020.



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