8.5 million roubles will be funded on flood protection of Yakutsk


The authorities of Yakutsk will fund 8.5 million roubles for to prepare for the spring flood: to mobilize equipment, to transport people, to install temporary safety fencings and others. It was announced at the meeting in the town administration on the 5th of May.

«According to the weather forecast, the ice drift in the area of Yakutsk and suburban areas is expected before the 14th of May, however we are obliged to be in the state of alert even now», – informed Aisen Nikolaev, the head of the regional capital.

Three gauging stations are installed in the area of Yakutsk and its suburbs – in Tabaga, Yakutsk and Kangalassi, and also two temporary ones – in Tulagino and on the 1st km of Namsky tract.

«All the hydraulic engineering installations are ready to skip meltwater», – mentioned Vitaly Bobinov, the Head of the Department for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations.

According to him, all the areas of possible flooding are provided with the temporary settlements and places for fending of cattle; the duty was organized and awareness-raising work among the population was done.

For example, 76 people living in 23 homes are possible to be the victims of the flooding.

In general, all the work is going as planned, no serious troubles are detected, summed up Aisen Nikolaev.



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