Igor Sobolev: State Duma needs professionals well informed about problems facing Yakutia


United Russia preliminary party voting (primaries) will take place on the 22nd of May. By its results candidates for the September election in the 6th State Duma of the Russian Federation will be selected. This day 165 voting places will be opened for 90 thousand of the republic’s residents who will have chosen their frontrunners among 16 participants of the primaries.

 Igor Sobolev, the First Vice-President and the Executive Chairman of ALROSA, shared his opinion about the participants. He spoke out in favor of Galina Danchikova, Chair of the Yakutian Government, and Yury Kupriyanov, Chief of the Head’s Administration and Government.

«They are well-deserved representatives of our republic. They are well known for a high standard of professionalism, expert knowledge, an ability to persist their point, – he mentioned. – Much of strong partnership which our company and the government has is owed to Galina Danchikova and Yury Kupriyanov. Every resident of Yakutia take into account a result of this cooperation. As ALROSA contributes to the development of the region constructing new roads, housing estates, schools and kindergartens, promoting sports and culture. Yury Kupriyanov and Galina Danchikova are reputable experienced politicians who are consistent with what they say and what they do and prove it every time. They are well informed about problems facing Yakutia, knowledgeable in economics and capable to get political and social priorities right. We need professionals, who will achieve solution of problems and persist our point in the State Duma».  



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