Chinese specialists arrived to Yakutsk to analyze ice movement


Sinohydro’s delegation arrived to the republic’s capital on a working visit on the 11th of May. The visit is complied with agreements being accepted at the meeting on the project of the bridge construction over Lena river in the area of Yakutsk.

Let us recall that earlier at the meeting the Chinese delegation’s head and the deputy director of the Sinohydro’s Eurasian department Mr. Cheng Shizun announced that he was ready to visit Yakutsk during the Lena river’s ice break-up for to observe and analyze special aspects of ice movement, and ice bodies.

The delegation includes Mr. Cheng Shizun and Mr. Liu Ye, the Sinohydro’s representative in Russia, as well as China Railway Corporation’s project engineers.

During the visit Chinese partners are going to visit the projected bridge site over Lena river for to observe and analyze ice bodies’ movement and to collect all needed information through field research.



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