Russia’s Minister of EMERCOM highly appreciated Yakutia’s Government


High-level preparation was done for the safe flood discharge in the region, said Vladimir Puchkov, Russia’s Minister of EMERCOM, at the briefing in Yakutsk on May, 13.

«We have done the large amount of work in ice thinning and ice blackening, inventory stocking, money holding, creating of special forces», – Vladimir Puchkov highlighted.

In his opinion, it will let Yakutia complete all flood-protection works effectively and decrease the consequences of possible flooding.

«Presently, we are monitoring the situation with the river flooding in order to prevent blocking. Beautiful Lena needs our attention», – Minister of EMERCOM mentioned.

Presently, ice break-up is observed in the area of Lensk, in 1100 km from Yakutsk, said Egor Borisov, the Head of the Republic. «Today we were flying around the place and convinced that Lena river’s water level is below average long-term rates, that’s why we expect the river flooding to pass without incidents. All essential measures are made», – he said.

In total, 14 thousand of people will be involved in the flood-protection activities this spring, including 1.5 thousand of EMERCOM’s officers and a large amount of machinery. 106 alarm response groups will be created.

«The cooperation between Russia’s EMERCOM and Yakutia’s Government is the common example of the cooperation between the federal center unit and the Russia’s constituent unit in problem solving tasks as preventing and protective measures of emergency situations, fire accidents and helping people», – Vladimir Puchkov concluded.



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