Trapped in ice: two men were saved in Yakutia


A bridge-erection boat turned upside down right in a middle of Lena river next to an island of Malutka downstream from a town of Pokrovsk (Khangalassky district). The two-man crew managed to get on an ice floe. «The ice began to squeeze our boat and in a moment it was pushed out of the water on the ice field like a cork out of champagne. It was immediately on its beams’ ends. Me and my mate jumped out on an ice floe at the last moment», – one of the victims told.

A chalk of the emergency response group of the republic set out on a search for people at 3:40 a.m. The group was headed by a first class rescuer Evgeny Kudrin and included Valery Androsov and Sergei Krivoshapkin, third class rescuers. The entire group is the professionals, who take part in emergency and search operations time after time.

Officers of the State Small Boat Inspectorate of Khangalassky district who led the rescue group at the target had come to the place before, but they had no possibility to save people from the shore or through the water because of huge ice floes in the river and target’s remoteness from the shore. When it was managed to find two points and the hull of the boat during the first flight, the hard and accurate rescue operation was started.

Evgeny Kudrin highly appreciated the crew of the helicopter MI-8 «Polar airlines» consisted of a pilot-in-command Gennady Dvingel, a second pilot A. Mordvinov, a flight engineer D. Pivarev and rescuers. Both of victims were in tolerable health. They were picked up and delivered to the shore, where they were awaited by the State Small Boat Inspectorate’s officers and policemen.

People were saved, but some topics are still discussed. Men went on the traffic route on the ice during the ice-break and ventured their lives and rescuers’ ones despite of all the prohibitions and the obvious threat. The Rescue Service will examine this incident.



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