United Russia primaries: Participants had final debates


The final debates of the participants of the United Russia preliminary party voting (primaries) were held in Republic media-center. Alexander Gritsenko, Galina Danchikova, Zoya Solovieva and Alexander Susoev discussed development problems of Northern and Arctic regions of Yakutia.  

«We have saved the Arctic. It’s still hard to live in the North, but new boiler stations appear, new schools and kindergartens are built. Surely, it would be nice to cut prices for flights and make them available for population; to fix prices for essential food. Arctic people have deserved it», – said Alexander Gritsenko, CEO of Yakutsk Republic State and Social Fund for Exchequer Assistance.  

Zoya Solovieva, the specialist of the Yakutsk regional office of the social organization «Znanie», responded to a question about measures for Arctic fauna’s protecting: «It’s required to introduce and sign laws at the federal level in order to protect and save biological resources. With the use of international experience and laws we need to guard interests of the indigenous people, leading their traditional activity as fishing and hunting. I think that deputies will have hard work demanding a high responsibility on that score».

Galina Danchikova told about care delivery problems for the population in Yakutia’s Arctic regions: «The whole point is to provide highly-skilled professionals for Arctic region, but we develop several programs on that score. Firstly, we need to provide young specialists with accommodation. Secondly, we have some issues connected with the programs of «Zemsky Feldsher» and «Zemsky doctor». We are obliged to keep our regional hospitals in working order for to give people qualified medical treatment».

Concluding debates, Galina Danchikova also told about the necessity of legislative work in the State Duma. «Many economic problems will remain unsolved without legislative changes. When a law on territories of priority development was discussed, there were a lot of different opinions, but the law was improved because of the proposals of Far Eastern regions. It’s necessary to take part in the initial discussion of laws, which largely influence on Yakutia’s people», – the Chair of the Government mentioned.



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