Evgeniya Mikhailova: Number of mandates Yakutia will get in the State Duma depends on voter turnout


The Union of social organizations and guilds having recently created in Yakutia requested the republic’s residents to take an active part in the United Russia preliminary party voting (primaries). Evgeniya Mikhailova, the Head of the North-Eastern Federal University and the Chair of the social council for civil initiatives assistance, responded to the question – why is it so important to visit voting polls.

«The Far East population is much less than in central regions and it creates a danger that Yakutia may lose its second mandate, as it was in 2003. It is May 22 primaries on which depends which one of three federal units will get more chances to elect its representative in the State Duma by party list. Everything depends on the number of votes a candidate will get in percentage rating», – Evgeniya Mikhailova explained to the YSIA.

At the autumn elections Yakutia’s residents will vote for the party as well as for the candidate from the single-member district. That’s why at May 22 primaries people will select one of the United Russia party’s candidates. The place which the republic’s representative will take depends on voters’ activity. Conversely, the first places of the territorial list will be taken by candidates from another Far East regions or the central one.

«Yakutia’s residents should understand better than anyone how important to have own representative in the Federal Parliament. All of us remember, how soon the infamous law on «Far East Hectare» or the equalizing procedure of regions’ funding were approved. Some of our proposals don’t come up to the State Duma. We need new deputies who are able to defend our interests here. It’s not about wisecrackers, it’s about people, who are well informed about our problems and know how to pose question on the federal level», – Evgeniya Mikhailova said.

According to her, primaries’ participants are nice people – social activists, businessmen, journalists. «However, I think that we should vote for professionals who are Galina Danchikova and Yury Kupriyanov if for no other reason than for the sense of self-preservation. These are people who proved their professionalism and defended republic’s interests», – she highlighted.

United Russia primaries will be held on May, 22. The voting polls will be opened all over the republic from 8 till 20. Each Russian citizen is able to take part in the rate voting whatever his party preference and political position. You may find your voting poll on the web-site PG.ER.RU



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