«Natural Resources Code»: Social activists spoke up for Yury Kupriyanov’s idea


«Natural Resources Code» may become an «useful instrument» for environmental protection, Tselestin Tsukhtsinky, the President of the «Gen-Shin-Kan» Federation, talked back YSIA.

Previously, Yury Kupriyanov, the Chief of the Head’s Administration and Government and the participant of the United Russia’s preliminary party voting, declared in favor of «Natural Resources Code» creating.

According to him, this set of laws will unite substantive provisions of federal laws on Environmental Protection, Air Protection, Wildlife Protection, Specially Protected Areas, Underground resources and others as well as codifies basic principles of natural resources’ use. It’s the matter of great importance for Yakutia because it is just here an active use of natural resources takes place.

«The progress is accelerating and so that our great nature may be completely damaged in 100 years. However, we could protect it with the use of such code», Tselestin Tsukhtsinky mentioned.

According to Roman Pesterev, the member of Yakutia’s Youth and Government, it’s a logical and correct decision for our republic as one of Russia’s largest territories and natural resources’ supplier to initiate the development of such set of laws. «We’ll be able to protect our natural treasures», – he highlighted.

«Natural Resources Code» is the initiative of Yakutia’s government.



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