The Chief of Yakutsk’s Police: Nickolay Kulbertinov is the highly-skilled professional and the strong leader


Yury Levin, the Chief of Yakutsk’s Police, expressed his opinion about his predecessor in office Nickolay Kulbertinov and his transfer to Oimyakonsky district. According to Yury Levin, each leader should be responsible for his subordinates’ behavior.

«The chief’s responsibility for his subordinates is crucial. By the way, I know Nickolay Kulbertinov as the highly-skilled professional and the strong leader: wherever he worked Nickolay did his best even in such problematic district as Oimyakonsky one. If to recall event happened before his transfer then I can call it a big «dark spot» on our activity. Our collectives discussed this case. Changed a lot in recruitment, officer deployment, chiefs’ function on different issues. It was a harsh lesson for us. We shouldn’t deal with such kind of problems in future», – Yury Levin mentioned in the socio-political programme «Vokrug da okolo».

In the end of 2014 the former Chief of Yakutsk’s Police Nickolay Kulbertinov was removed from his post. The reason for this decision was the beating up of Marian Toskin, the Chief of Yakutsk’s first police office, by 3 officers of Yakutsk’s police at the New Year’s corporate party.

Nickolay Kulbertinov was offered to take up the position as the Chief of the police office in Oimyakonsky district.

In the beginning of this year the Yakutia’s Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Prokopenko mentioned that Nickolay Kulbertinov would not work in Oimyakon for a long time and didn’t rule out his coming back to Yakutsk.

The full version of the conversation with Yury Levin watch on the TV channel «SAKHA24» at 7:30 p.m. in May, 20 and in the website of the YSIA in May, 23.



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