Yury Kupriyanov: The upcoming Civil Forum will help to combine our efforts


Yury Kupriyanov, the Chief of the Head’s Administration and Government, the participant of the United Russia preliminary party voting (primaries), requested members of non-commercial organizations to take an active part in the 3rd Republic Civil Forum, which will be opened in Yakutsk in May, 17.

«Authorities and society need to be united in Yakutia. We need the efficient force which will combine social-based efforts. The upcoming Forum is the great possibility to make a step towards it», – Yury Kupriyanov said.

The «historic» event for all non-commercial organizations of the republic happened in May, 17. It’s the creation of the Yakutia’s first Association of Non-Commercial Organizations «Kyys», co-chair of which Yury Kupriyanov was chosen. «The non-commercial organizations’ representatives told that they need some kind of discussion platform, where they could communicate easily and openly, come up with their proposals, discuss important issues of Yakutia for to help in its improvement and get into a constructive dialogue with the authorities», – Yury Kupriyanov mentioned at the Association’s first meeting.

According to him, in future the social council to the head of the state on the Association’s assistance will be created in Yakutia. In his opinion, non-commercial organization in the region is the powerful force, which moves authorities and society forward. Nowadays there are more than 2000 non-commercial organizations in Yakutia, many of which receive state grants.



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