Yakutia is developing its agricultural industry


Under the new system of project financing being introduced by the Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture the renovation of agricultural industry is going on in Yakutia. It’s planned to enter upon building of 20 new objects in the republic in 2016.

«This system implies the expenses’ compensation to the extent of 25% for the Far Eastern regions as other regions receive subsidies to the extent of 20%. The key purposes for us are to build the set of vegetable stores, greenhouse facilities and stock breeding buildings. Last year we sent applications on constructing of five stock breeding buildings and are to receive 70 million roubles this year», – Petr Alexeev acting for the First Vice-Prime Minister of the Minister for Agrarian and Food Policy said at the press-conference in May, 18.

Three vegetable stores were introduced into service in Olekminsky, Megini-Kangalassky and Tomponsky districts in 2015. Three objects are in the planning stage this year.

In addition, nine slaughterhouses were built in the republic last year. Our plans call for building of ten slaughterhouses and the introduction of some of them in the Northern districts for deer butchering.

The phased development on creating of greenhouse facilities is taking place in Khangalassky district and in Yakutsk being invested by Almazergienbank and a company from Japan.

According to Petr Alexeev, the local production provides for 60% of milk, 29% of meat, 60% of potatoes, and 35% of vegetables for this moment.

The development of agricultural industry will let increase the production level as well as provide storing and processing of the local production in high standards.



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