Yakutsk is getting rid of old signboards


The campaign “Forgotten signboard-2016” («Zabitaya viveska-2016») having aimed to remove old signboards from the front of the buildings and other objects has started in the republic’s capital. This event is initiated by the ad agency Republic and the Yakutsk’s information, advertising and control service.  

«This idea was born years ago. We decided to host such campaign for to improve the visual appearance of our town and also celebrate our company’s 5th anniversary», – Alexey Dyakonov, the director of ad agency Republic, said.

The first objects to clean from banners were the residential house in 7-1 Lenina street (avenue) and the engineering construction in 100 Gorkogo street.

«The “Forgotten signboard-2016” campaign is the great idea devoted to the Year of Urban Improvement in our republic and the Year of Labor in Yakutsk. Its specific purpose is to get rid of the “information rubbish” in our town. We ask citizens having seen forgotten signboards to contact us. Deinstallation of signboards is free and implies specialty machinery. The campaign will be culminated with 3D exhibition which will be hosted on Advertiser Day in October», – Tuyara Konstantinova, the director of the Yakutsk’s informational, advertising and control service, explained.



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