Aisen Nikolaev: Political rivalry is also important in party itself


Aisen Nikolaev, the Yakutsk’ Head and the member of the United Russia party with ten years of being, supported his fellow party members having decided to participate in the State Duma elections. The mayor highlighted the importance of the political rivalry in the conversation with the YSIA.

«I think that the United Russia party’s most skilled professionals should take part in September elections. These are candidates who I suggest to have the great potential and skills for protecting interests of our population on the federal level», – Aisen Nikolaev explained.

He highlighted that year by year the primaries becomes more and more competitive as it should go in a democratic country: «The political rivalry is important outside the party as well as in the party itself. I hope that United Russia will set a good example for other parties to follow, and they will recommend both their all-time leaders and other candidates».

The mayor noted a high voter turnout and a high level of preparation during this preliminary voting.



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