Chinese investors want to acquire ALROSA shares under privatization deal


Chinese investors have got interested in acquiring of ALROSA’s thirty-percent shares, the CEO of the company Andrey Zharkov said to the reporters.

«During the working visit of Yury Trutnev, Russia’s Vice-Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy on the Far East, we made a presentation of ALROSA to Chinese investors. The government has recently decided to sell 10.9% of ALROSA’s shares this year. What we’ve been doing here is something like a ‘non deal road show’ presentation of the company. It’s possible that Chinese investors will acquire ALROSA’s shares in the future», – Andrey Zharkov said.


According to him, this meeting was quite useful and was aimed to build familiarity of the company, to reveal the potential investors and investment quote. «We’re seeing the interest. Now we are looking forward to bilateral meetings with investors organized by the Russian government advisers», – the CEO of the company explained.

He didn’t give any information about these Chinese companies, but said that Chinese investors will discuss more specific aspects of this deal with the specialist from the government.

At the same time, according to Andrey Zharkov, it’s likely that the government will not sell a package to a single investor. «It’s still a public offer. It’s aimed to investors show their interest in a certain amount of shares. I don’t think it’s about strategic investors. Anyway, we haven’t discussed such details yet. Our task is to do the efficient marketing and to get attention from the investors», – he said.

ALROSA is today one of the world’s leaders in diamond production. It’s engaged in exploration, extraction, production and sale of diamonds. Production takes place in the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Arkhangelsk region.


The largest shareholders of ALROSA are the Russian Federation (44%), the Republic of Sakha (25%) and its districts (8%). The free float of the company is 23%.




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