Egor Borisov met with participants of United Russia primaries


When the voting polls were closed the candidates of the United Russia preliminary voting met with Egor Borisov, the Head of the Republic and the member of the Political Council of the regional division of the United Russia party.

Egor Borisov celebrated participants with the successful conclusion of the voting, asked them to have been such a strong team even when the results would be announced and have worked together for to achieve the shared objective which was the victory in parliament elections in September.

«The elections should unite people, – he said, – The participants followed this idea and this is great. It’s possible that we made some organizational mistakes. It’s crucial that we took them into consideration and correct them. We’ve got a good start but much work is still in future.

Egor Borisov advised to send the proposals on improvement of the voting system to the United Russia’s leaders. So far, it’s quite important for Yakutia to increase the amount of voting polls and voting ballots in future.

«We should tell more about the candidates for the efficient work in future. They will become a force which will help to collect the voters’ proposals for the party program and will direct on societal consolidation», – the Head of the Republic said.



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