In Yakutia 400 million roubles will be spent on Arctic road maintenance


This year the town budget will devote 400 million roubles for the road maintenance in Arctic districts and 70 million for the new machinery, Vladimir Chusovskoy, the CEO of the Arctic Roads company (‘Dorogi Arktiki’), said to the YSIA.

«The government has set the deadline of 2020th year for providing arctic roads with logistical support, including road repair services and road-building machinery», – Vladimir Chusovskoy said.

The Arctic Roads company, the republic-owned public enterprise, has finished its first working season and lived up to the aspirations placed upon it, the Minister of Transport Semen Vinokurov mentioned.

«We established the duty of the Arctic Roads company to provide maintenance service of the roads in the length of 5000 km passing through 10 districts», – he said.

So far, three roads are constructed – Western (in Verkhoyansky district), Central (in Abyisky district) and Southern (in Momsky district).

«We put in great efforts in 2015-2016, as we got 40 units of road-building machinery and got more funds to continue constructing road repair services in the villages of Khonu, Chokurdah and Belaya Gora», – Vladimir Chusovskoy told to the YSIA.

Currently, 117 people work at this company, and 85% of which are local residents.



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