United Russia primaries: Yakutia has highest voter turnout rates in Russian Far East


In May 22 the United Russia primaries were successfully concluded. Over 80000 people (13.2 percent of the population) attended the voting polls in Yakutia. 86.2 percent of voting ballots were used, according to the organizing committee.

In some districts of the republic 100 percent of ballots have already been used by 5 p.m. at this day, so the further voting took the questionnaire format. Its results will not be officially registered, but will be taken into consideration. The official part of the primaries was finished before time in Abyisky, Amginsky, Bulunsky, Verkhneviluisky, Verkhnekolymsky, Verkhoyansky, Gorny, Kobyaisky, Oimyakonsky, Srednekolymsky, Suntarsky, Tattinsky, Tomponsky, Eveno-Bytantaisky districts.

In total, over 80000 people attended polls in Yakutia during this preliminary voting. As a result, Yakutia has had the highest voter turnout rates in compare with the other Russian Far Eastern Federal Districts. The second and the third place were taken by the Chukotsky autonomous region and the Amur region accordingly.



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