Boy and his grandmother were found dead in forest


The corpses of a 2-year boy and his grandmother were found next to the village of Kepteni in Ust-Aldansky district in May, 22.

In May, 21 emergency call center of the police division in Ust-Aldansky district informed the Churapchinsky inter-district criminal investigation division about Kepteni’s elder woman and her little grandson who had left the home at 9 o’clock and got lost in May, 13. The criminal investigative group arrived on the scene at the same day.

Next day corpses of the boy and the woman were found in the forest area in Chagda, which is situated in two kilometers away from the village of Kepteni. No sign of violence or crime were discovered.

So far, the Russia’s Investigative Committee in Yakutia is conducting the pre-investigation check over the death of the boy and his grandmother in the Ust-Aldansky district. The scene is inspected, forensic examination for determining the precise cause of death is appointed. The proceeding decision will be made on the basis of the pre-investigation check results.



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