United Russia primaries: Galina Danchikova and Yury Kupriyanov lead polls


According to the incoming information, a voter turnout rate reached a total of 13 percent equal to 86000 people. Chair of the Government Galina Danchikova and the Chief of the Head’s Administration and Government Yury Kupriyanov lead the polls.

More than 50 percent of electorate voted for both leaders of the primaries.  The third place may be taken by either the chief editor of the republican newspaper ‘Sakha Sire’ Chokuur Gavriliev or the deputy of Yakutsk Municipal Duma Vladimir Ammosov. The representative of the party reported that vote counting is going on.

Let us mention that it’s the first case of carrying out the preliminary voting in Russia in this electing system. Each Russian region got voting ballots in the amount of 15 percent of population that is why Yakutia got 93371 ballots. Each resident of our republic was able to attend a voting poll and vote for his favorite candidate.

Yakutia’s residents were so active that ballots were over in some polls. In such case voters got questionnaire which they might fill. This information will be counted separately: its results will not be officially registered, but will be help to determine voters’ preferences.



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