Alexander Nogovitsin: Primaries highlighted new names


Alexander Nogovitsin, the secretary of the Yakutsk regional division of the United Russia party, announced new details upon the primaries’ results at the press-conference on this preliminary voting.

Alexander Nogovitsin shared the current information about the voting turnout rate in percentage. So far, Galina Danchikova got 66.19 percents of votes, Yury Kupriyanov – 56.14 %, Chokuur Gavriliev – 13.3%, Vladimir Ammosov – 13.2%, Sakhamin Afanasiev – 11.3%, Alexander Susoev – 10.9%, Svetlana Davydova – 8.8%, Anatoly Nikolaev – 8.6%, Evgeny Zakharov – 7.1%, Valery Lyuty – 6.3%, Alexey Petrov – 6.3%, Victor Fedorov – 5.98%, Alexander Gricenko – 4.49%, Zoya Solovieva – 4.1%.

He mentioned that this preliminary voting highlighted among other things new names: Chokuur Gavriliev, the chief editor of the republican newspaper ‘Sakha Sire’, and Vladimir Ammosov, the deputy of the Yakutsk Municipal Duma. «They haven’t been engaged in politics before, but they could take the third and the fourth place and distanced from other candidates. They seemed not to take such high places, if the procedure of primaries was not so transparent, fair and objective. Now we see that they got the population’s support», – Alexander Nogovitsyn said.



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