Navigation-2016: First oil ship docked in Yakutsk


Navigation-2016 is opened. The first ship entered a dock of the river port in Yakutsk yesterday in May, 24. The oil ship ‘SOT-1111’ has delivered timber and cut lumber from the town of Kirensk (Irkutsk region) for constructing ‘Force of Siberia’ (‘Sila Sibiri’).

«At this season a great work needs to be done for to maintain cargo transportation to the population of the republic and execute the project ‘Force of Siberia’», – Georgy Egorov, the First Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Facilities in Yakutia, mentioned.

The captain Alexander Karitsky got the gratitude letter from the Yakutia’s Ministry of Transport and the fridge to install in the ship as the gift from the Lena River United Shipping Company.

700 units of fleet will be used at this season. The boats’ average time in commission is 35 years. Sergey Emelianov, the first deputy of the CEO of Lena River United Shipping Company, said that all work is on schedule and navigation must not be stopped though some boats got out of date.



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