School-leavers to celebrate Farewell Bell in Yakutsk


Farewell Bell took place in one of the Yakutsk schools – school №26. The best school-leavers got awarded diplomas and gratitude letters. In addition, this ceremony was attended by the deputy Head of the town Evdokiya Evsikova and the CEO of ‘Sakhaneftegazsbyt’ Igor Nikitin.

«Among all school ceremonies the Farewell Bell is the most touching and exciting one; the day with tears in the eyes. I was a teacher myself in past and I know how it is sad to let own students leave and enter the adult life. New achievements and victories are in future. I hope that your insatiable curiosity and motivation will help you to become successful», – Evdokiya Evsikova said to the school-leavers.

This year the school №26 has graduated 113 students, among which 15 got awards for excellence  and 10 – gold medals. Igor Nikitin, the leaver of the school №26 and the CEO of ‘Sakhaneftegazsbyt’, celebrated children and gave gifts under the annual award on behalf of non-commercial fund on educational assistance.



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