Yakutia’s government fulfilled all budgetary commitments in 2015


Yakutia’s government managed to keep the state budget balanced and fulfill all social commitments despite of economic problems. The head of the regional Ministry of Finance Valery Zhondorov said it at the brief meeting in May, 24.

The Cabinet regarded the bill ‘on Approval of the report on state budget performance of the republic in 2015’.

«The income of the state budget has totaled up to 167.7 billion roubles. The income increased by 8 percent in compare to the 2014th year. Such a remarkable increase caused by the increased tax revenues in the amount of 13 billion roubles», – Valery Zhondorov highlighted.

The government also has decreased the budget gap up to 4.2 billion roubles instead of projected 7 billion.

8.1 billion roubles have been spent on the stabilization measures for sustainable economic development. The publicly funded loans in the amount of 5.2 billion roubles have been provided for the cargo transportation to the northern and Arctic districts.

«The year was rather difficult but we kept the budget sustainable, maintained the steady growth in our economics and fulfilled all commitments, especially social», – the Minister of Finance concluded.



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