The head coach of Russian team: The whole point is Victor Lebedev won’t give cause for doubting him


Dzambolat Tedeev, the head coach of the Russian freestyle wrestling team, met with Yakutsk journalists and answered questions about Viktor Lebedev, the Yakutia team captain.

«We will put athletes who fared well at last-year world and Russian championships in tournament brackets. In view of this, Victor Lebedev won’t compete with Alexander Bogomoev until the final fights in the men’s lightweight (57 kg)», – Dzambolat Tedeev highlighted.

According to him, a fighter who shows continuous growth at the pre-Olympic sports events and withstands foreign athletes will be send to the Olympic Games: «This is crucial for us. Sometimes athletes fared well at home tournaments, but if they went out abroad then they lost their concentration and didn’t win. In view of this, we focus on fighters who show continuous growth abroad».

However, Dzambolat Tedeev recalled the situation between Victor Lebedev and Jahmal Otarsultanov in 2012 when journalist asked him what if Alexander Bogomoev would defeat Victor. «Victor Lebedev was a leader two years before Olympic Games. He became the winner of the world championship twice, and it made him our favorite. Anyway, he didn’t get the ticket to Olympic Games. The whole point for an athlete is to be a leader as well as not to give cause for doubting him. If you lose the fight against no name, then I guess you would lose abroad», – Dzambolat Tedeev mentioned.



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