From where Russia begins: ‘Yakutia’ launched regular flights to Kamchatka


Import substitution in the field of tourism became the main trend in 2015. According to the Federal Tourism agency, the domestic tourist traffic increased by about 20 percent. One of the popular places in Russia became Kamchatka, which is often called ‘the ends of the Earth’.

Summer is the best season for to discover or revisit unique nature territories of Kamchatka which were included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage. To see the famous Valley of Geysers and the Viluchinky pass, to voyage to the Avaschinsk harbor sailing in the Pacific Ocean: ‘Yakutia’ airlines provide you an opportunity to make it real. The regular flights from Yakutsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky are coming in 2 June, 2016.


Every Thursday the air flights №4419/4420 will be performed by the modern and comfortable airplane ‘Sukhoi Superjet 100’.

The time of departure from the Yakutsk is at 18:25 and 3 hours long.

The same day the airplane will depart to Yakutsk (at 19:50 Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky time)

The minimal cost of the economy-class one way ticket is 7780 roubles, business-class – 20900 roubles.



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