YSIA reports LIVE: Russian Freestyle Wrestling Championship-2016


Russian Freestyle Wrestling Championship’s preliminary fights in weight categories of 57, 70 and 74 kilograms started in the sports hall Triumph at 10:00 AM. Pleased to introduce you our LIVE commentary.

09:43 There a lot of sports fans at the foot to the sports hall Triumph. The first stage of control is directly on the entrance to the sports hall’s territory. The second – inside the building. We see a lot of policemen accompanied by volunteers.


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10:17 The first fights in a weight category of 57 kilograms: Magomedrasul Magomedov (Saint-Petersburg) – Donduk-Ool Khuresh-Ool (the Republic of Tyva), Victor Lebedev (the Republic of Yakutia) – Dmitry Aksenov (the Republic of Yakutia).

10:17 Victor Lebedev leads the first round by a score of 2:0

10:18 V. Lebedev and D. Aksenov have a fight on the capret A.

10:20 V. Lebedev got 2 more points.

10:23 V. Lebedev backstabbed his opponent and got 2 more point in the last minute. As a result, the Yakutia’s team captain is in 1/8 final. The score is 6:0.


10:29. Aryiaan Tutrin started well and won Yakutia’s Alexandr Rassadin at the beginning of the second round. The score is 10:0.

10:32. It means that A. Tutrin and V. Lebedev will meet in the next circle.

10:35. Dagestan’s Ismail Musukaev won Tyva’s Arzyl Artysh-Ool. The score is 10:0.




12:17. Victor Lebedev walked out to compete with Aryiaan Tutrin.

12:20. V. Lebedev got 2 points and 2 more. The successful passing to the legs.

12:23 The second period: the successful attack of Victor Lebedev.

12:25 The flawless victory of V. Lebedev. The score is 10:0.

12:26 V. Lebedev entered the quarter. He will compete with the winner of the couple: Ismail MusukaevRobert Okorokov.

12:28. Yakutia’s fighter R. Okorokov can’t oppose Ismail Musukaev (Dagestan). The score is 6:0

12:29 The flawless victory of I. Musukaev. The score is 10:0.

12:30 The weight category of 57 kilograms. Nicolay Okhlopkov (Yakutia) and Gadjimurad Rashidov (Dagestan) went out on the carpet.

12:33 G. Rashidov leads with the score of 2:1.

12:36. G. Rashidov got 2 points.

12:37. N. Okhlopkov fares well but he is lack of experience.

12:39. The score is 6:2 in favor of G. Rashidov.

12:39 Victor Lebedev (Yakutia) will enter the quarter in the weight category of 57 kilograms.

12:42 Aldar Baljinimaev and Adam Ozdarbiev went out to the carpet A.

12:47 The fighters show the equal skills.

12:48 The close win of A. Baljinimaev. The score is 6:5.

12:51 Nariman Israpilov and Nodar Arabidze went out to the carpet.

12:54 Weight category of 70 kilograms: Timur Nikolaev (Yakutia) – Ramazan Archikhanov (Stavropol). The fight ended with a 1:5 victory of R. Archikhanov.

12:57 German Ustinov is fighting with Halil Aminov (the weight category of 70 kilograms).

12:58 A very intense fight. The score is 6:5 in favor of H. Aminov. Seconds encore.

13:01 The victory is given to H. Aminov. The spectators are not satisfied with this decision.

13:02 The weight category of 57 kilograms: OtarsultanovAmayak Khastyan. The flawless victory of Otarsultanov.

13:03 Alexander Bogomoev and Rasul Mashezov went out to the carpet.

13: 06 The fighters show the equal skills.

13:07 One point was given to A. Bogomoev.

13:08 The first period is over. Buryat fighter is not very active.

13:10 The score is 4:1. The coachers shout Rasul to be more active.

13:12 The fight ended with 6:1 victory of A. Bogomoev.

13:15 Gasangusein Badrudinov and Artem Gebekov go out to the carpet (the weight category of 57 kilograms). The both are from Dagestan.

13:21 The score is 6:0. Gebekov wins.

13:22 V. Lebedev and I. Musukaev go out to the carpet. The spectators are supporting Yakutia’s fighter.

13:25 Musukaev is very active but Lebedev defends him.

13:25 Musukaev gets 2 points for successful passing to the legs.

13:27 Lebedev acted the same – 2:2

13:30 The fighters are very attentive.

13:31 The score is 3:3

13:35 According to judges, Lebedev wins this match. He got 1 point for the inactivity of Musukaev.

13:36 Dagestan’s fighters don’t agree with the decision. I. Musukaev pushes V. Lebedev.

13:37 The coachers of Musukaev go out to the carpet. The group of Special Police Force is joining.

13:38 The judges make the decision. The victory goes to V. Lebedev. He enters semifinal.

14:08 All fights are stopped.



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