Aial Lazarev: Victor Lebedev deserved to go to Olympic Games


Asia champion in freestyle wrestling Aial Lazarev gave his commentary on the decision of Victor Lebedev to refuse of going to Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro that following the incident at the Russian Freestyle Wrestling Championship.

«Victor is a two-times world champion, an Europe Games champion, a bronze winner of the European championship, a two-times World Cup winner, a six-times Russian champion. He is the professional who has great achievements. I’m sure that he made an intelligent decision when he refused of going to last Olympic Games in his life. He was supposed to understand his mistakes, summed up a situation and drawn his conclusions. Everyone has his view and a right to make such decisions. However, I’m sure that Victor Lebedev has deserved to go to Olympic Games», – Aial Lazarev said.

According to him, Victor trained and competed a lot during these 20 years before he reached his dreams as Olympic Games are.

«Olympic Games is an ultimate aim of athlete’s life. He dedicated 20 years to it. Just imagine a frontline worker who will be appointed as a director of a huge corporation in 2 months. Suddenly, an arguable point takes place, and he decides to fire and retire. Victor Lebedev has had the same long way till now. It may be his last Olympic Games considering his age», – the Asia champion in freestyle wrestling said.



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