First Pankration Tournament is carried out in Yakutsk


The first tournament in pankration “Iron league” took place in the Yakutsk’s municipal park on June, 5. All 9 battles were finished with technical knockouts and chokeholds.

«The tournament “Iron league” is carried out for the first time in our town. We decided to make it open air. As for me, these competitions were medium-level as we had some problems with it. I thank everyone who helped and supported us», – Ivan Okhlopkov, the president of the Yakutia’s Federation in modern pankration, said.

The tournament included 18 mixed style fighters and 4 weight categories. All the battles were prescheduled with technical knockouts and chokeholds.

The victory went to following fighters:

Vyacheslav Yakovlev (Sakhafight)

Victor Donskoy (Sakhafight)

Nicolay Chernogradsky (Varios)

Evgeny Tokpokov (Varios)

Behruz Safarov (Sakhafight)

Nicolay Stepanov (Sakhafight)

Prokopy Kolodkarov (Triumph)

Nicolay Teryutin (Varios)

Bahodin Kuranbaev (Sakhfight)




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