Railways of Yakutia PJSC increased its passenger turnover first


As of year-end 2015, Railways of Yakutia PJSC showed positive changes in passenger turnover. The measure has increased by 34.8 percent in compare to 2014. The CEO of the company Vasily Shimokhin stated it at stockholder’s meeting.

«The turnover has totaled up to 35.8 million passenger-kilometers. This is due to launching our own direct couchette car on the route from Tommot to Blagoveshensk. We noted the excessive demand and a fill rate up to 90 percent here. This measure reached such a significant level for the first time. It led to the increased gain and made our company more interesting for investors», – the CEO highlighted.

Though, the passenger traffic is decreasing. As Vasily Shimokhin said, the number of passengers has decreased up to 8.1% (81.6 thousand people) in compare to 2014. The main reason is that some passengers prefer vehicular transportation.

The income from passengers’ transportation and travel service has totaled up to 82.2 mln roubles in 2015 that is more than planned 12.2%. The income from one passenger is about 900 roubles, Shimokhin mentioned.



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