6th Children of Asia Games: Olympic village began to take in athletes


The participants of the 6th Children of Asia International Sports Games are intensively settled in the Olympic village. Yakutia’s athletes were the first to settle in the NEFU Dormitory 8-1 which got certificate of conformance and normality.

«Now our dormitory take in 400 athletes, coaches, doctors, rubbers and team managers. In total, we plan to settle 584 people from Yakutia’s national team in dormitories of Olympic village. The other participants are expected to come on June 25 – July 1», – Sardana Gavrilieva, the chief of the 6th COA’s committee on accommodation and service.

The keys of the rooms were first given to the members of Yakutia’s national team on mas-wrestling. This team consists of 14 athletes, 2 coaches and a manager. They came from Megino-Kangalas, Amga, Suntar, Ust-Aldan, Tatta, Tompon, Oimyakon districts and Yakutsk.

In total, Yakutia’s national teams in 22 sports are expected to be settled in until Jule 1.



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