Manage the future: Railroad to Nijny Bestyah is to be constructed by the end of 2017


Yakutia’s authorities in cooperation with the Russia’s Ministry of Transport and Federal Rail Transport Agency (FRTA) intend to construct “Berkakit – Nijny Bestyah” railroad by the end of 2017. Alexey Struchkov, the Yakutia’s first Vice-Premier and the minister of Economy, stated it at the Yakutia’s parliament session on June 15.

«We had the meeting under this issue with Alexey Tsidenov, the Russia’s Deputy Minister of Transport, in Moscow two weeks ago. According to its protocol, the construct completion contest will be announced in November-December of 2016. The federal budgeted cost is totaled up to 1951 million roubles. As the Ministry of Transport and the FRTA reported, the railroad construction is intended to be finished by the end of 2017», – Alexey Struchkov said.

The length of the “Berkakit – Nijny Bestyah – Yakutsk” railroad is 798.6 km. The “Tommot –Nijny Bestyah” start-up facilities introduced into temporary service on 30 August 2014.



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