Spectacular ceremony opened Ysyakh Tuimaada 2016


The opening ceremony of the Ysyakh Tuimaada 2016 was held in the Us Khatyn area in the suburbs of Yakutsk on June 25. Thousands of people visited the ceremony for to honor spirits and obtain blessing. It attracted Yakutia’s residents as well as guests from Russia and other countries.

The opening of the Ysyakh Tuimaada 2016 was held in the Kumis drinking center. Thousands of people wore bright national costumes and gathered for to be blessed at the Algys ceremony. If a man wants to free from bad deeds he needs to be at this ceremony by all means. Rising their palms the people were saying with one accord “Uruigh! Aikhal! Uruigh Tooskool! Uruigh Michil!”


The Chair of the Government Galina Danchikova addressed the guests and participants of the opening with the welcome speech.


«Ysyakh is the celebration of national cohesion, the celebration of all flesh, and the beginning of the summer. Ysyakh today is the truly multinational holiday. We are proud of it, we are proud of our older generation which preserved our traditions and culture for youth», – she said.


The Prime Minister mentioned that Yakutia is one of the Far East’s leaders for a score of reasons. The government is setting top priorities as urban improvement in all localities of the republic in order that every resident feel comfortable here.


Vladimir Solodov, the deputy plenipotentiary representative of the Russia’s President in the Far East, celebrated Yakut folk with this wonderful summer holiday and highlighted that this event is unique itself, and it’s great honor for him to be here.

«It’s the celebration of summer, and the consolidation of human and nature. The faith helps us to get through severe times. Our country is great, and the love to Motherland unites us. Ysyakh is the cross-fertilization between our culture and traditions and yours. It’s the striking example of how to keep and save cultural and historic values of Russia not regarding nationality and religion», – he said.



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