INSTA-VINE FEST 2016: Eldana Foureyes, Batyroff and Queex became “heroes” of the press-conference in Yakutsk


Eldana Foureyes, Batyroff and Queex, participants of the I International videoblogger festival “INSTA-VINE FEST”, became the “heroes” of the press-conference taking place in the republic media-center on June 28. Famous viners shared their impressions on Yakutia, told about their works and connection with cinematography.

«Before I came here I treated Yakutia as a very cold place and thought about Kazakhs who live on the north. However, I experienced the richest culture and the local hospitality here. I have a lot of impressions and willing to come back here again”, – Nurlan Batyrov (@Batyroff), the viner from Kazakhstan, said.

According to him, there are a lot of viewers in Yakutia but as INSTA-VINE FEST took place here the number of followers at his personal page increased by 3 thousand people, that is a great leap forward.

Eldana Satybaldieva (@Eldana_Foureyes) and the Queex’s leader Marlen Kapbar rated high their Yakutia’s colleagues, and Nurlan Batyrov mentioned that he likes HITS VINE as they have videos on their native language.

Besides, Nurlan said that Kazakhstan’s viners have complicated relations with cinematography here.

«The amazing fact is that Kazakhstan ranks second in the number of viners. Producers realize that each of us represents his own running brand but they have no sense how to work with us and what approach to use. Sometimes they treat us as stars not actors, sometimes – as actors with a special kind of viewers. It was said to involve all vinemakers and shoot a film or to use our characters for the plot. It will be drawn next year», – Batyrov said.

According to Marlen Kapbar, his crew publishes videos in Instagram, and he considers it to be a spectacular platform at achieving purposes. «We wanted to shoot the series and we made it. It’s about new alternative to the Kazashtan’s show business. We haven’t studied as actors or filmmakers but we have enough practice making our vines. I hope we’ll be able to shoot some film next year», – the viner said.



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