Countries discussed how Children of Asia Games contribute to Olympic reserve


Sharing and observing the experience in hosting youth competitions in Asia became the key topic of the International practice and research conference «Children of Asia Games as a method for the development of Olympism ideas and contribution to Olympic reserve. The event took place in the North East Federal University on July 7.

«Children of Asia Games united the society and turned out to have the inclusive power. Most notably that it implies promotion of healthy lifestyle and sports. The Games have contributed to the public image of the republic and its investment appeal. Besides sports programme this project has included the cultural events such as the International festival “Introducing of UNESCO World Heritage sites at the Olonkho land”. The event-oriented tourism is being developed in the northern republic in this way. The significance of these Games is all-around in Yakutia as well as in Asia in whole», – Egor Borisov, the head of Yakutia, stated it at the opening of the conference.

During many years the specialists from Russia and all the world have detected the differences between the high level of the sports activity and the low level of promotion of Olympism ideals especially among youth and children. Alexandr Kontanistov, the chief of the division on Olympic education in the Russia’s National Olympic Committee (NOC), said it.

“These differences are supposed to be adjusted by the Russia’s Olympic committee which developed the state and social system devoted to the Olympic education of schoolchildren. Today the pupils are gaining the knowledge in physical education. We have some success as well as problems. We need to control the execution of the project but our education system is very massive and includes 4.5 thousands schools and over 13 million pupils. The crucial task is to establish some recommendations on support and stabilization of the athletic performance and Olympic education in this way. We should bring our children up as the dignified who will hold to Olympic ideals of friendship, tolerance and cross-cultural communication in sports and in practice», – Kontanistov highlighted.




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