Athletes village and Aquatics centre to be built in Mongolia’s Ulan Bator before 7th CAISG start


The project on the 7th Children of Asia Games is intended to be developed in reference to specific features of the host country. According to Dmitry Glushko, President of the Children of Asia Games International Committee, Mongolia is expected to set up its organizing committee and sign the contract with the authorizing parties included.

“Actively promoted traditional sports are included into the project, but the host country has a right to propose 5 more sports. Later in the year we should finalize the arrangements and the event plan, to set the sports list and to reveal what objects need to be constructed or reconstructed”, – Dmitry Glushko said.

According to him, the priority task is to construct the aquatics centre in Ulan Bator. Moreover, a new residential area in the capital of Mongolia is intended to be used for the Atlhetes village.



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