The manager of Hong Kong’s team: I haven’t dealt with such great hospitality anywhere


The member of the Olympic Committee and Hong Kong Sports Federations, the Chairman of the External Schools Sports Committee and the head of the school Mr. Martin Lai Wing Chun had a conversation with the YSIA and explained why his country’s team would take part in Children of Asia Games for many years to come. 

“Before I came to Yakutia I had surfed websites and found some information about the republic. Actually, the reaility turned out to be much better than I expected. It’s my first arrival to the Far East and I haven’t known before that Asian people live there. I used to think that it’s like in Moscow”, – Martin Lai Wing Chun said.

According to him, many schoolchildren from Hong Kong experience their first international communication in Children of Asia Games.

“We had a 2-days trip and spent just about 24 hours flying. It was hard enough but we managed to have training. Children are well aware of their high mission as these are first international games in which the team of Hong Kong is taking part”, – the manager mentioned.

He believes that the best part of Children of Asia Games is that it helps to ‘recover’ the international relations: “There is no politics in sports as it unites countries and bring people and cultures together. I travelled a lot but I have never dealt with such great hospitality as in Yakutsk. I got to know top Yakutian officials such as Egor Borisov, Galina Danchikova, Dmitry Glushko. I spoke to ministers, coaches and athletes, and now I speak to you. That’s great”.

On the day of this interview the Hong Kong’s team captured 1 gold and 3 bronze medals in swimming. “It’s the huge success for our children. To take part in this large scale event is not everyday chance. I hope our country would take part in Children of Asia Games for many years to come”, – Martin Lai Wing Chun highlighted.



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