Norwegian volunteer in 6th CAISG Johnny Bas: I want to learn Yakut culture


Johnny Bas, the Norway’s volunteer in the 6th Children of Asia Games, shared his impressions about the republic and explained why he wanted to study Yakut culture and where he got information about Children of Asia Games.

It emerged that Johnny Bas learned Games through his friends from Yakutia. It’s his second volunteer experience in Yakutsk as he visited the 5th Children of Asia Games in 2012. “I learn Russian, I can read and speak but I have some problems with listening so far”, – a Norwegian mentioned.

Johnny is assisting the Syria’s team in thaekwando. “I worked with athletes from Syria 4 years ago and visited this country several times”, – he said. He chose Syria as he wanted to learn Arabic culture. Far from everybody can speak English, so his skills in Arabic and body language help him to communicate with some athletes.


We discovered much to our astonishment that Johnny Bas works as a train driver. However, his main activity is referred to volunteering. He has participated in about 60 various large scale events: sports competitions, music festivals and many others.

This activity is made voluntary but a Norwegian makes nothing of money: “Volunteering is the chance to get to know Yakutia, its residents, get friends”. Johnny’s phonebook contains over 300 contacts, and he always note the place and the time he meets people. It’s not about money, it’s about new connections, life experience and assistance. You can propose me one million dollars but I refuse it in favor of volunteering”, – he highlighted.

A norwegian recalled that he spent all the summer in Yakutia in 2012: “I travelled a lot with my friends. We drove around Pokrovsk, Nerungri, some districts as Tatta, Churapcha and Tompon ones. I like to talk to people and discuss culture, music and national dress”.


Johnny expounded greatly on the Ceremonial Opening of the 6th Children of Asia Games: “It was spectacular. I liked music, dances and costumes very much”. He particularly noted the dance of white cranes.

The next event he works as a volunteer is the big summer hand-made market.

“I’m not like an ordinary tourist who visits the country and never comes back there. I’m about to Yakuts and I like their culture so I’ll be back. I’m supposed to be a guest who wants to check up on his friends”, – he concluded.



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