BY-16 Biennale in Yakutsk: 100 meters long ‘Children of Earth’ image is done at the beach


4th Biennale of the contemporary art ‘BY-16’ in Yakutsk was ultimated in awarding of artists and volunteers. The exhibition will run in the National Art Museum until September

The expert panel announced Natalya Pastuhova from Ekaterinburg as the winner in the Public art nomination with her project “Hardstones”. Starting from the topic of the biennale ‘Children of Earth’ she created the 100 meters long image at the beach of the town.

“Biennale tends to be a milestone event in the development of graphic art. I’m thankful to both participants and volunteers who took part in it. I hope we’ll have more such events which intend to attract foreign guests and develop the art of our authors”, – Deputy Minister of Culture and Spiritual Order Vladislav Levochkin mentioned.

Nadejda Fedulova and Tuiaara Shaposhnikova got the first place in the Graphic art nomination. Ivanov’s Anna and Nadejda showed their project “Khorovod” and achieved the victory in the Installation nomination. The first place in the nomination for the best media art was given to art groups “Children of Sun” and “Hunter”.

Danita Pushkareva from Saint Petersburg and her project “A man with the face of scenery” was awarded the first place in the Electronic art nomination. The diploma in the nomination “Special project” was handed over to a Japan photographer Hiromi Nagakuro.




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