Yakutia’s Head suggested to create the Mammoth world center


The Russian President Vladimir Putin met the Yakutia’s Head Egor Borisov who visited Moscow during his working visit and launched the proposal of creation of Mammoth world center, according to the website of the region’s governor.  

Mammoth fauna, the permafrost phenomenon, is regarded as national heritage of both republic and the entire country. The considerable part of archaeological evidences of mammoths is found in Yakutia as well as of rhinoceros, bisons, musk oxen and cave lions.

According to Egor Borisov, the protection and research of mammoth fauna objects is the key objective for achieving competitive growth of the Russian paleontology. It implies that the creation of the specific research center with the well-developed infrastructure is important for science.

Considering the universal importance of the paleontological finds in Yakutia, Egor Borisov addressed a request to Vladimir Putin for to take a decision on the governmental level on project management and construction of Mammoth world center in the region.

As Egor Borisov mentioned, this institution has to become a large research unit of the federal level as well as a popular tourist attraction. Its peculiarity is that it is to combine museum exhibitions and subterranean research labs, conference halls and cryoreservoirs in the permafrost layer.




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